Visual acuity, experiencing the world, by looking, watching, and seeing is how my perceptions begin forming. The shapes, colors, and their relationships coupled with the amount and type of light start the process to understand these revelations. This starts the formation of a mental picture. Translating this internal image and capturing it, so it might be shared, is the next step in realizing my personal vision. Even the most mundane everyday things, man-made objects, landscapes, people, their interactions, and all that is visible, are the parts that make this vision and they are perpetually around us. I try to convey, in my work, this idea, my interruption of the vision: A New Way of Seeing.



Corcoran College of Art and Design, Washington, DC

University of Miami, Miami, Florida

Central Arizona College, Coolidge, Arizona 



The Scientist, Washingtonian Magazine, Sea Frontiers, Oceans,The International Library of Photography, Who's Who in North America 


Upstairs Downstairs - Washington, DC

Colorfax - various stores - Washington, DC

Corcoran School of Art - Washington, DC

Imager - Washington, DC

Garden Room - Milwaukee, WI

Bill Wax Studios - Miami, FL 

Central Arizona College - Coolidge, AZ

Casa Grande Art Museum - Casa Grande, AZ

Studio Gallery - San Miguel de Allenda, Mexico

Gallery Pozos - Pozos, Mexico 

Cafe Des Artes -Tucson, Arizona